----------------Wedges------------Levers------------Wheel and Axle----------Rube Goldberg Video
The expected goal for our project is to ring Kristopher.


Dominos will be knocked over on Greg and hit a ball which will fall onto Jeffery. Before the ball falls off Jeffery, it hits Toby, that will be continued in section 2. After the ball rolls off Jeffery, all its potential energy turns to kenetic energy once it hits Tomey. To the right of Tomey there is a domino hot glued to the board just in case the ball goes a bit too far. After the ball rolls off of Tomey, it rolls onto Finnagon. Then it falls off Finnagon, hits Ken, and rolls on Stanley. The ball rolls onto Shrek and then hits a domino and rolls onto Sam. After that, it hits a domino which connects the circut connectors and starts a fan. The fan hits a domino which hits more dominos. This continues for a while until the dominos hit a lever which hits another lever which rolls Karen which pulls a string connecting to Cris. Cris falls and knocks into Jared. At the end of Jared we have Jarvis. Jarvis then wedges down between two triangles and one of the triangles falls on top of our Kristopher, thus ringing it for the prairie kids.

Section 2 begins with Toby hitting dominos on Newman, which hits a ball that falls down Peetah. Once the ball comes out of Peetah, it rolls onto Robert, falls down and rebounds off of Bilbo and Donkey and rolls down Shananay. Then it rolls down Jeffery, hits Fred causing Fred to slant downwards and fall into Klark wich is resting on Cocoa.