Max Edward Cohen
Hello, welcome to my website!
My name is Max and I was born & raised in Santa Rosa, California.
In 2014, I had the fortunate experience to interview Steve Wozniak which inspired me to develop my first iOS App: Circuit Flash. A few years later, I had a roster of apps under my belt.
While pursuing my bachelor's degree in computing and business, I found my passion designing front-end structures. During my experiences, I have overseen the development for company brands, marketing campaigns, and consumer-facing products.
NJ Institute of Technology
Studying Computing & Business from the Ying Wu College of Computing and Martin Tuchman School of Management.
Relevant Coursework:
| Business Data Analytics
| International Business
| Organizational Management
| Management Science
| Principles of Marketing
| Understanding Technological Society

| Computing Applications in Business
| Intensive Programming in Linux
| Principles of Computer Networks
| Principles of Operating Systems


| Professional Fraternity Council
| Theta Tau
| Alpha Sigma Phi
| International Game Developer Association
| Association for Computing Machinery
| Hillel / Jewish Youths

Python Java Javascript C C++ Bash Excel
Marketing Principles Management Principles Management Applications
Technology High
Graduated High School in 2018.
Apart of the Dean's list with a cumulative GPA of 4.36.
Relevant Coursework:
| AP Government
| AP Economics
| AP Calc BC
| AP U.S. History
| AP Literature
| AP Language and Composition
| Robotics
| Engineering Club
| Debate Club

Swift Arduino CAD
FileTeam software applications enhance the flow from creation to client. FileTeam PRO Servers are the singular hub for all of your documents and the intuitive FileTeam Briefcases let you share up to 100 files with your team, clients, or coworkers. Conference on a secure connection with anyone who has access to the Briefcases.
Lead Software Developer
June 2020 - Present
» UX/UI design & implementation
» Front-end design & implementation
» Back-end infrastructure maintenance
» Checkout subscription integration
» Future update design & rollout
» Maintaining aMember database
» Utilizing SQL database

Javascript CSS HTML PHP SQL UX/UI Excel aMember MediaWiki
Piip Pay
Piip Pay is a payment service aimed at lowering the cost between transactions. During my time at the company, I was in charge of outreach and introducing Piip Pay to new businesses.
Business Development Intern
Jan 2020 - June 2020
» Coordinating interest meetings
» Developing business plans
» Long-term business solution tracking
» Short-term project management

Business Development Business Strategy
Business Process Improvement
A puzzle game with over 100 unique levels. Each level is made of tiles with special abilities. Learn each tile's abilities to uncover the ancient artifacts. Watch out for the Goons... they are the original inhabitants of these lands and they don't take well to visitors. Includes a fully implemented custom level builder alongside 50+ collectible tile types.
Q3 2020
iOS & iPadOS
» Over 100 Unique Puzzles
» Four World Maps
» Multiple Boss Fights
» Level Builder
» Collectible Skins
» Hidden Challenges
Swift Objective C iOS iPadOS
Theta Tau Central
Built for NJIT's Professional Fraternity Theta Tau. Used as a centralized app for all of the current and prospective members. Users log in and can view multiple modules depending on what aspects of the organization they are apart of. The app connects to a database and updates in real-time.
Q1 2020
iOS & iPadOS
» Individual User Login
» Type Dependent Modules
» Custom, Manipulatable Currency
» Currency Leaderboard

Tap your way through the galaxy as you terraform worlds for their resources. Build monumental rocket ships to traverse deeper into the darkness of space. Upgrade your tools and robots for maximum efficiency.
Q2 2019
iOS & iPadOS
» Dozens of Upgrade Paths
» No Caps to Progression
» Multiple Resources & Economies
» Customizable Objects
» Built in Minigames
» Achievement Tracking
Swift iOS iPadOS
Professional Fraternity Council
Tasked with overseeing all professional brother & sisterhoods on campus, the PFC created a long needed structure for NJIT. The New Member processes between organizations were aligned to the same weeks, membership logs were developed, and intra-fraternal events are now hosted.
Vice President
Jan 2020 - Jan 2021
» Unifying the On-Campus Professional Fraternities
» Hosting Multi Day Events for Fraternity Life
» Structuring a Universal New Member Process
» Communicating with other Departments at NJIT

Theta Tau
The first semester in Theta Tau is spent building New Member's interview tactics, resumés, online portfolio, and altogether professional atmosphere. When I took over as the New Member Educator, there was no solidified guideline for teaching the New Members. I took it upon myself to develop an overarching lesson plan for future educators.
New Member Educator
May 2019 - Dec 2019
May 2021 - Dec 2021
» Creating a Semester Long Lesson Plan
» Teaching New Members Professional Skills
» Leading New Members through Interview Processes

Sonoma County USY
United Synagogue Youth is an organization revolving around unifying the Jewish Youths of America. Each chapter has six seats in their executive board who oversee event planning, membership, social action, and all other aspects of the branching organization. In the four years that I was apart of the Sonoma County chapter, I held four of those six positions.
Vice President
Membership Kadima
May 2017 - May 2018
May 2016 - May 2017
May 2015 - May 2016
May 2015 - May 2016
» Organizing Events for Sonoma County USY
» Increasing Outreach to Gain New Members
» Leading the Organization through Activities
» Developing Plans to Retain Members
» Maintaining SCUSY's Online Portfolio

Management Principles Management Applications Business Strategy

Business Process Improvement
Marketing Principles Brand Identity User Experience

User Interface
HTML CSS JS PHP SQL Python Java Bash

C C++ Objective-C Swift
AWS PHPMyAdmin aMember MediaWiki
Operating Systems
iOS iPadOS MacOS Windows
Other Programming Skills
REST Excel Arduino CAD